Our People

Simon Stevens

Simon has been the Club President since 2013, plays off 15 and keeps the machine running.  He is local farming at Tinui and is leaving the pro golf to Ben.

Carmen Tredwell

Carmen has been looking after the clubs books for the last couple of years and keeps our club in the black.  She is an expert at getting things done, on time and with military precision and we are very lucky have her on our side.

Tony Nicholson
Club Captain

Tony has been the Club Captain for 21 years, he also does a bunch of the management, runs the tournaments and lives and breathes the club.

Helen Nicholson
Club Secretary & Head of Catering

Helen is our Club Secretary and she and also runs the kitchen on Club Days and tournaments.  She is the most important member of our club because we don't eat if she is away for that tournament.  Helen is a very keen golfer and represents Castlepoint in ladies competitions.

Alan Schofield
Head Green Keeper

Alan knows this course backwards and he is never short of golf balls as his paddocks are the out of bounds down the 1st and the 9th.  He is also our Head Green Keeper and it's his hard toil that keep the greens looking so good.  He is one of the few people who can play golf and farm at the same time.

Jean Greer
Life Member & Caretaker

Jean has been a member for the last 40 years and works with Phylis at the Craft Corner.  She is a Castlepoint resident and valued member of the Club.   Jean is at almost every Club Day.

Paul Stevens
Webmaster & Funding Officer

Plays off a 'burglers' handicap and looks after this website and facebook, so any problems feel free to contact him here.